What do you buy the man who has everything? Something to make him laugh – you can never have too much humor in your life. Raise a smile at his next birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day with these funny socks for men. There’s wit in every stitch.

ChattyFeet -Chris Hadfeet -Fun Space Socks Space Socks-ChattyFeet- Chris Hadfeet

Chris Hadfeet

$13.00 USD

Albert Cool Socks - ChattyFeet -Science gifts ChattyFeet - Albert -Science socks with a cool illustrated character

Albert Wise-Feet

$13.00 USD

Weird & Funny Science Socks Physicists Fun Gifts - Stephen Toeking Socks

Stephen Toeking

$13.00 USD

Scientist Socks - Tim Berners-Knee ChattyFeet Science Socks - Tim Berners

Tim Berners-Knee

$13.00 USD

Funny Socks for Women & Men - Prof. Brian Sox Funny Socks with Characters - ChattyFeet

Prof. Brian Sox

$13.00 USD

Astronomy Gifts - Mae Jemisox Socks Funny Socks for Space Lovers - Mae

Mae Jemisox

$13.00 USD

ChattyFeet - Fun Science Socks - Mathematician Ada Ada Lovelace Socks- ChattyFeet - Funny Socks for Women

Ada Shoe-Lace

$13.00 USD

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