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Everybody loves a good story. If you’re searching for bookish gifts, we have enough novel ideas to fill a library. We think you’ll find just the write character. You’ll definitely be after a sequel.

Funny Socks for Book Lovers Bookish Socks - Jane Austoe

Jane Austoe

$13.00 USD

Charlotte Brontoë  Socks - ChattyFeet - Literature Gifts ChattyFeet -Charlotte Brontë Socks-  Presents for Book Lovers

Charlotte Brontoë

$13.00 USD

Funny Men's Socks for Book Lovers Literary Gifts - Funny Socks

George Toe-Well

$13.00 USD

Virginia Wool Fun Socks for Book Lovers Funny Women Socks - Author Virginia Wool

Virginia Wool

$13.00 USD

Gifts for Book Lovers - Edgar Allan Toe Socks Fun Socks - Literature Gifts - ChattyFeet

Edgar Allan Toe

$13.00 USD

Funny Socks - Hemingway for Book Lovers Bookish Gifts - Fun Hemingway Socks

Ernestoe Hemingway

$13.00 USD

Shakespeare Socks- Literary Gifts Fun Socks - William Shakes-Feet

William Shakes-Feet

$13.00 USD

Book Lovers Gift Ideas - Fun Socks by ChattyFeet Buy Literary Gifts - Virginia Wool Socks

Literature Sock Set

$45.00 USD

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