About ChattyFeet Fun Socks

"What if socks could talk?"
It may seem like a silly question, but it was the inspiration for our brand, ChattyFeet. It all began at a party, when we were chatting with friends about how it would be funny if socks had personalities, faces and expressions that animated when you wiggled your toes. The idea really spoke to us and we decided to make it a reality.

Our first prototype was a marker pen doodle on a pair of white socks. This very simple drawing helped us to understand where our characters should be placed and how they should be brought to life. We ran with the idea and created the first four ChattyFeet socks, each with its own unique story and personality.

We couldn’t wait to introduce our characters to the world, so the next stop was a (very chilly!) market stall in London. Our friends came out to support us and it was wonderful to see people interacting and laughing with our products. We discovered that people really loved our funny, pun-based names – and this gave us the motivation we needed to build our brand, add new characters and tell more people about ChattyFeet.

We’ve grown a lot since those first few months. By working with a global network of talented designers, we’ve been able to add more than 40 characters to the sock drawer, plus paper models and more products coming soon. You’ll now find our ChattyFeet products in more than 20 countries, including Canada and the USA.

Being a grown up can be really serious most of the time, so it’s our mission to add a lot more fun wherever we can. We hope you enjoy meeting all of our Chatty characters and that they inspire you to live life to the play-fullest.


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