Funny Sock Gift Ideas

Need a birthday gift? It’s time to think inside the box – a ChattyFeet boxset that is. Our funny sock gift ideas each contain four clever sock characters. With themes including literature, art, science and more, you can choose a set that really speaks to their sole.

Modern Art Socks by ChattyFeet Gifts for Artists - Funny Sock Collection

Artists Sock Set

$40.00 USD

Gifts for an Artist - Fun Sock Collection Pop Art Socks - Modern Artist Collection

Modern Artists Sock Set

$40.00 USD

Crazy Socks Inspired by Film Characters Crazy Socks for Film Fans

BadAss Sock Set

$40.00 USD

Book Lovers Gift Ideas - Fun Socks by ChattyFeet Buy Literary Gifts - Virginia Wool Socks

Literature Sock Set

$40.00 USD

Science Sock Collection for Nerds Science Gifts - Albert Einstoe Socks

Science Sock Set

$40.00 USD

Fun British Gifts - Cool Socks - Royals Cool British Presents - Royal Socks

Royals Sock Set

$40.00 USD