Welcome to the ChattyFeet sock drawer, where there’s always something heel-arious going on. Our cool socks for women & men make everyone smile from toe to head. With so many fun characters to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect gift for friends, kids, parents, aunts and ankles. New characters are added all the time, so check back to see who’s talking now…

Albert Cool Socks - ChattyFeet -Science gifts ChattyFeet - Albert -Science socks with a cool illustrated character

Albert Wise-Feet

$13.00 USD

Weird & Funny Science Socks Physicists Fun Gifts - Stephen Toeking Socks

Stephen Toeking

$13.00 USD

Scientist Socks - Tim Berners-Knee ChattyFeet Science Socks - Tim Berners

Tim Berners-Knee

$13.00 USD

ChattyFeet - Fun Science Socks - Mathematician Ada Ada Lovelace Socks- ChattyFeet - Funny Socks for Women

Ada Shoe-Lace

$13.00 USD

Funny Socks for Women & Men - Prof. Brian Sox Funny Socks with Characters - ChattyFeet

Prof. Brian Sox

$13.00 USD

ChattyFeet -Chris Hadfeet -Fun Space Socks Space Socks-ChattyFeet- Chris Hadfeet

Chris Hadfeet

$13.00 USD

Astronomy Gifts - Mae Jemisox Socks Funny Socks for Space Lovers - Mae

Mae Jemisox

$13.00 USD

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