Father's Day Funny Gifts

Whether your dad is into art, science, music or literature; find them the perfect funny gifts for Father's Day by ChattyFeet. Discover our collection of funky socks and paper models.
Fun Awesome Socks for Families Funny Matching Socks for Parents & Kids

Commander Awesome Set

$19.00 USD

Fun Socks - Beethoven for Classical Music Fans Classical Music Gift Ideas- Beethoven Socks


$13.00 USD

Novelty Socks for Film Lovers - Don Cottone Funny Film Gifts - Don Cottone Socks

Don Cottone

$13.00 USD

Gifts for an Artist - Fun Sock Collection Pop Art Socks - Modern Artist Collection

Modern Artists Sock Set

$45.00 USD

ChattyFeet -Modern Art Socks Gifts for Artists -ChattyFeet- Funny Sock Collection

Artists Sock Set

$45.00 USD

Crazy Socks Inspired by Film Characters ChattyFeet Crazy Socks for Film Fans

BadAss Sock Set

$45.00 USD

Papercraft Gifts - Fold-Vador Dali Paper Models - Artist Fold-Vador Dali

Fold-Vador Dali

$8.00 USD

Papercraft - Vincent Paper Model Artist Papercraft - Vincent Van Fold

Vincent Van Fold

$8.00 USD

Build your own Mondrian Paper Sculpture Artist Inspired Papercraft - Mondrian

Papier Mondrian

$8.00 USD

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